How to integrate being a mommy and starting your own business

Julia Goodman

Posted on April 26 2017

Hi ladies,

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was very busy. I am launching my online store in two days so I spend my weekend finalizing every little detail to make this online store perfect and a great shopping experience for everyone.


how to integrate being a mommy and having your own business


A lot of you have been asking me about giving tips on how to start your own business. I think it’s amazing  that so many of you guys have the guts to try to achieve your dreams and go for it!

When you have children, working for yourself and having adaptable working hours is a great way to have more time with your child. I work from home, and sure, I am on my computer all the time, but my daughter sees me and if there’s a problem, I’m just one step away.

So that’s why for some mums like me, beginning one’s business after having children appears to be the ideal arrangement, allowing you flexibility to be there for your children, while also making money.

Lots of moms are following up on this urge, with millions of (and rising) created businesses globally run by inspiring women. The next start–up mom could be YOU! It’s just about understanding what to do with your awesome business thought.


                                   SO HERE'S A COUPLE OF TIPS


Work out the priorities for your life and your business

This will help you decide on how you start. Given that making profit in your first year of business is very unlikely, if your priority is to earn revenues, then it might be better for you to get a job and a regular pay.

But if your goal is to maintain a business to be flexible for your kids, then you can utilize the understanding of your priorities to decide on business hours that will enable you to do this.


Set firm financials aims.

Work back from what you live on, so as to know what the business needs to make.


Carry out your research

Will the people you are targeting purchase your product or service? Is it sufficiently unique to be irresistible? Study your competition and work out how your business could be distinctive and better.


Exploit the support around you.

A lot of us attempt to do it all and, in spite of the fact that we may simply have the capacity to oversee, so why do it to yourself? Task your husbands and parents in taking care of the kids for few times in a week. Ask your friends for help in their areas of mastery in return for an espresso, you can also swap skills for bigger asks.

In the event that you can, attempt to find a mentor in your field.


Register as self-employed

Immediately you begin trading (selling your merchandise/services), you have to register as self-employed with the appropriate authority instantly. If it gets too late, you might be fined.

Hope these tips help you a little in figuring out how to start your business! If you have any questions, I am always there to give you guys advice 😘

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Till next week loves!!

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