Go Bold- Go Beautiful- With Summer Fashion Trends 2017

Julia Goodman

Posted on May 09 2017

Hi Beauties,

With the scorching sun over your heads, burning you with its heat, a long gown with open hair is definitely out of question..

Well, as a Julia Jolie girl, you do not have to worry! WHY? Because I’m here to give you solutions. When all the other girls are melting, you will be chic, classy and cool as a cucumber.  2017 summer is all about getting in touch with your natural side and going bold yet beautiful with minimal makeup and fantastic up-dos.

I’ve curated 7 fashion trends to keep the heat from stealing the spotlight away from you this summer – go ahead, read, absorb, and carry them confidently!

 1. High Pony

summer fashion trends 2017


A pony hairstyle never gets old. No matter if you are a stay-at-home mom, a gym bunny or a working girl, a high pony look can be carried by everyone elegantly. The trick is to smooth out your hairs, tie them in a pony high above on your crown and hide the knot with some hair, just to add a trendy look to it.                                            

Tip: If you have fine hair like me, curl it with a curling iron before putting it into a ponytail. This way it will look fuller.


2. Bronzed and Glowing Skin

Gone has the time when ladies used to puff their faces with white powders and imitate zombies. 2017 is all about welcoming your inner beauty and exploring new shades. This summer tan skin is definitely in, but you want to be sure it’s the ‘fake’ kind, scorching your porcelain skin with real sun does damage, so make sure to try a good spray tan or cream. For your face, simply choose a darker toned powder and stick for yourself and give your skin an artificial tan that looks even better than the real one. Really want to accentuate your bronzed skin? Warm colors like gold, really bring out this gorgeous "tanned look" Check out the "Endlessly Alluring Golden Girl Dress" HERE

3. Bold Colors

summer fashion trends 2017

Why not bring some attention to those juicy lips? Bold and bright colors are what you’ll come across this time when going for some gloss shopping. Rosy reds to gothic maroons, dark shades are in to brighten up your lips for good. A classic and my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE: RED Lipstick!! It’s elegant and makes you stand out from the crowd! And what goes best with gorgeous, sexy, red lips? Gold! A gold accessory is a MUST with red lips! Check out "Girls Best Friend Gold Clutch" HERE and the "I'm from Beverly Hills Gold Sunglasses Here

4. The winged liner 

summer fashion trends 2017

Well this may have been trending around for quite some time now, but if you haven’t yet tried it, this summer it is time to experiment with the winged eyeliner too. Try going for rainbow shades or a glittery one, make it double winged or just a simple one, choose the look which suits you best and enhances the beauty of your eyes.

5. The Audrey Hepburn Look

summer fashion trends 2017

Having a lazy hair day? Bring the Audrey Hepburn look back, and tie a scarf around your head, pair it with trendy shades, and you don’t even need to do your hair or make-up – yet look classically glam! Love the Look? Click here to get "The NEW Jackie O' Sunglasses  and "The Beverly Hills Postcard Scarf"  

6. The wet hair look

Ironically one of the easiest looks! Even the celebrities are endorsing the slick and shiny look this season.  Chloe and Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Ashley Graham, and almost every model on the runways this year! Everyone is crazy about this hip and gorgeous hair style!

How to achieve it? Don’t use water, it’s only temporary. Instead, use a lot of wax and gel. It’s a perfect for a lazy hair day. When you’re at the end of your hairstyle and want to get one more day out without washing your hair.

7. Peaches for a change

summer fashion trends 2017

Perhaps just as yummy as the fruit itself, the peach tone has successfully gained its position in the list of trends for lip colors and blush. Soft peachy cheeks with an equally subtle toned peach lipstick, will definitely have you looking ‘just peachy’ for any meeting in the best way possible.


Fashion is not limited of course. Every woman has her own choices and strives to look different. However, we can all use a little help, inspiration and tips to keep things interesting, and also, often we don’t even realize what the possibilities are!  I hope these trends inspire you to try something that you may have otherwise never dared to do.



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