The ultimate "Glamorous Mommy" Tote Bag - White

The ultimate "Glamorous Mommy" Tote Bag - White



TWO BAGS in ONE! The ultimate "Glamorous Mommy" Tote bag is my favorite every day bag! It fits everything!!

I use the small bag for all the small things like my make up, or my daughter Anastasia's toys and snacks. 

The big tote bag fits all the other things that we ladies need to run around town. From diapers, to diaper creams, books, to a pair of flats or a change of outfit. There's enough space to put in everything but still look stylish. 

Let's talk about the design of this gorgeous bag: It's perfect for the summer! And as Vogue says: "It's the TOP fashion trend for Summer 2017"! 

P.S.: It's also reversible, if you feel like you're in the mood for a beige bag, just reverse it and you have a brand new bag!! 

Material: PU Leather 

Easy Exchange- Easy Return

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