Things to do on Father's Day 2017

Julia Goodman

Posted on June 12 2017

Hi loves,

Father’s Day is coming up! And it’s only a couple days away! For our family, it’s our second Father’s Day and it’s just so exciting to see the bond that has formed between him and our little daughter Anastasia. Last year, she was only three-month-old and pretty much slept through the whole Father’s Day but this year she can already say “daddy” and interact with us, which is so incredible to see

So, let’s remember, that Father’s Day is a very important holiday. It takes two people to bring a child into this world and that very power of two is needed to raise a kid. A father is a protector and supporter. Having a father is the world’s best blessing so let’s remember this and celebrate our hubbies and new daddies! Let’s not forget to express our love and gratitude for our new daddies and make them feel super special.

things to do on Father's Day 2017

So here are some amazing ideas that can make this Father’s Day wonderful and worth remembering:


Plan a getaway

Most husbands have to work very hard in their jobs. So why not surprise him (and yourself) with a vacation on this Father’s Day? Pack your bag, and of course his as well, and take the next flight to his favorite destination. Be it a beach holiday or hiking on a mountain, treat your man with a get away to relax and have fun with the kids.

A trip to the golf course

Every guy loves to play golf, even if he doesn’t know how to shoot. A trip to the golf course is a fun way to spend some quality family time and make Father’s Day special for your husband. If your baby is over 4 years old, he or she will enjoy it too! I started playing when I was 4 years old, and it’s one of my favorite sports ever! It teaches your child to focus, to concentrate, and to be persistent. So, a perfect thing to do for the whole family.

A bowling date

Well, why not plan a bowling day for Father’s Day? Going bowling is a great way to bond for the whole family. And it’s so much fun!! Kids usually enjoy it so much! Tip: make him win to boost his ego :-) You know how much guys love to win, lol.

A trip around the city

From historic sites to beaches, choose this one day for your husband to visit a special place and go to locations that he always wanted to visit. Go to the beach, fishing, a football game, or visit his favorite museum. Let this Father’s Day be a day that your husband will remember forever. Plus, this will be a great opportunity to get to teach your child something new in the most fun way possible.


Let’s celebrate this Father’s Day in the best way possible. If your kid is old enough, include him or her in the planning. Your hubby will feel so special and loved.

What are you guys planning to do this Father’s day?

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