Inspiring Women of the Month Series- Nadia Hamdani

Julia Goodman

Posted on June 28 2017

This month, I want to introduce you to a remarkable women! Nadia Hamdani is an incredibly smart and successful business women with an international upbringing. She is the Director of Digital Marketing at BBC America, and a glamorous Fashionista with incredible style! In this interview, she will give us her intake on digital marketing, beauty, and fashion: 

nadia hamdani interview

Nadia, what was the journey like to where you are now? Did you grow up interested in corporate America?  

  The hard part was breaking into the corporate world. Once I got a foot in the door, the journey was easy. One good opportunity led to another, even though I had to prove myself at each and every job, no matter what. Your reputation sticks with you, and referrals are key! I didn't grow up knowing much about the business world. If I had, I might have wanted something else because the reputation of corporate America is greed and profit--but in reality, it isn't that at all. It's about making better products and services; not making more - but innovating and constantly delivering higher quality at every turn. That is how we ultimately succeed, through competition and a commitment to being the best. 


How important is it for you to listen to consumers?


Consumer is king. I majored in Economics in school, and this was one of the first lessons I learned! Listening is an art - and it is so intricately measured in the digital world. It involves deep analysis of audiences, and really understanding how they interact with your product or service. I often say that cultivating and hearing your current consumer base is just as important as expanding to new ones - your current consumers are your influencers and organic brand ambassadors. 


What is your philosophy on Fashion and Beauty? 


Fashion and beauty build confidence, and oftentimes, credibility. I’ve lived in some of the most fashionable cities in the world, each with its own style ethos, and I’ve developed my own sense of style to reflect my personality. At the end of the day - men and women must dress for success! It is paramount to look the part.

nadia hamdani interview

Nadia, wow! You are the director of marketing at BBC America. A lot of my readers are thriving bloggers and Youtubers. In your opinion, what is the secret to growing an audience? 

The secret is research. And lots of it. I have an extensive background in digital analytics and I can use data to pinpoint exactly what people like/dislike about the brand that I work for, and optimize my strategy to improve sentiment and audience growth & retention. Whether it's hard news or entertainment content - the key is to really understand how people consume your brand, where they consume it, and then ensure that you are creating a product that consumers are proud to share with their close network of friends and family.  


You lived in New York, Geneva, and London. What elements of your global upbringing do you infuse into your approach to Marketing?

The most important element of my global upbringing is understanding and celebrating diversity. The US is a melting pot - absorbing different languages, cultures, and beliefs. Different cultures consume content in different ways. While it's important to have an overarching tone that is on brand, it's also important to customize your approach to marketing in a way that speaks to people on a more local level. 


You are such a beautiful business woman! What’s the best career advice you were ever given?

Thank you! The best advice I was given was to embrace the unknown; I certainly could have never predicted the path my career took. At the beginning of my career, I didn't think I'd be in marketing at all! One door leads to another and especially in the fast-changing digital world, you never know where you'll end up - you just have to go with it, and not map things out too much. Take chances!


5 favorite fashion looks or pieces for this summer?

I LOVE high-waisted pants - talk about a real slimming technique! Jumpsuits are so versatile - great for day and night. And anyone who knows me is aware that I'm a sucker for blazers - even in the summer, paired with a cute pair of shorts! Stripes will never get old and lastly I love off-the-shoulder anything... dresses, tops. Nothing is sexier than a woman's neck and shoulders!


Thank you so much, Nadia!!

P.s. For more, check out Nadia's LinkedIn account:

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