Best ways to make your man feels special

Julia Goodman

Posted on May 24 2017

Hi Beauties,

This month of May is a very special month for me because it’s when I got married to my wonderful hubby.  This year, we celebrated our 3rd anniversary!

Being married is such a wonderful thing! Loving someone deeply and being pampered in return is what a relationship is all about. Unfortunately, many couples fall into the pattern of taking each other for granted. They forget to express their love each day and end up fighting for their rights rather than sharing the responsibilities.

To keep the romance alive, sometimes surprising your partner can prove great for your relationship. From an unexpected kiss to a gift, the intention should be to make your partner feel special in every way. Here are some ideas that can  make your man feel special

Take him by surprise

best ways to make your man feel special

This one is my personal favorite! Get dressed and prepare a candle light dinner followed by a romantic evening. As soon as the door bells rings, open up the door, pull in your man and kiss him deeply. Don’t give him a chance to analyze the situation and take him by surprise. Doing so once in a while will make your man happy and feel special of course.


Appreciate him

We know, that you appreciate your husband, but sometimes telling him works wonders! Man need to hear it occasionally that what they they’re doing is great and that it doesn’t go unnoticed. So, tell him that you appreciate all the things he does for you and he will be energized and motivated to do even better!

Buy him something special

best ways to make your man feel special

Listen to him carefully and look out for what he wishes for. He wants a new Brioni Suit? Get it for him! Try to surprise your man with a present and watch his reaction. He will be so happy! Who doesn’t like getting presents?

Respect his personal space

best ways to make your man feel special

He wants to play basketball and not go shopping with you? Let him! No matter how much you trust each other or love spending time with one another, it is important to give each other some personal space as well. If your partner likes spending weekends with his friends or watching TV, play his favorite sport, let him do so. Men love their freedom so respect his personal space to keep your bond strong.


There are a million of ways to make your partner feel special, but not every idea will work with your love. I can say that these suggestions above have worked perfectly for me. They may not seem like a big deal, but will certainly make your relationship stronger. They will express your gratitude, love and respect. And after all, these are the things that our hubbies need to be reminded of the most.

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Have a great week ladies!



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